Products: Specialities

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  • Chain Lube Aerosol An excellent lubricant for medium and heavily loaded chain drives. It is suitable for a wide range of temperatures and contains anti fling compounds and tacky lubricant additives to prevent it being easily thrown off during use.
  • Drilling and Tapping Lube Aerosol Drilling & Tapping Lube spray is formulated to promote cleaner cut threads and smoother surface finishes in tapping, threading, reaming, boring, broaching and engraving. Designed to prevent galling, the main cause of tap breakage.
  • Flexy Shield Open Gear Lube Aerosol Flexy Shield is formulated to be suitable for use on all exposed gears, wire ropes and moving parts and the anti-fling additives ensure it will not be thrown off during use.
  • Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser Aerosol Citrus Degreaser is a heavy duty high pressure cleaner that is ideal for the removal of stains coatings or deposits of oil, grease and dirt. It is of low toxicity, leaves no residue and does not cause corrosion of metals including aluminium.
  • Multi Lube with PTFE Aerosol Multi Lube is a high grade lubricant containing PTFE and an effective de-watering agent. It is a non-staining, high slip lubricant suitable for all general applications, and is especially suitable for use in wet conditions (e.g. bottling plants).
  • Multi Purpose Spray Plus Aerosol MPS PLUS is a superior penetrating anti-corrosion Lubricant. Cleans and protects all types of metals, damp proofs and lubricates electric motors, electronic equipment etc.
  • Silicone Spray Aerosol Silicone Spray is a heavy duty, universal release agent which is temperature stable in excess of 3000C. It is colourless, odourless, non-toxic, economical in use and formulated to be safe on stainless steel.
  • White Grease with PTFE Aerosol White Grease is widely used for lubricating bearings, brake linkages, latches, cams, window regulators, hinges, gears, springs wires and cables.
  • IT0031 AUTO-GLEAM a car wash-and-wax formulated to give outstanding cleaning characteristics, leaving your car, motorbike or caravan sparkling clean with a superior finish which will bead and repel water.
  • ID0026 INSTANT DEGREASER an effective cleaning fluid formulated for the removal of grease deposits and grease film from component parts in the industrial and automotive industries.
  • DF0069 SCREENWASH 50/50 a water soluble concentrate, formulated for all-weather use.
  • DF0069 SCREENWASH CONCENTRATE a water soluble concentrate, formulated for all-weather use.
  • IT0035 SARCLEAN PLUS a heavy-duty power cleaner additive with a high detergent formulation, for use primarily as an effective industrial hard surface cleaner. Can also be used as a heavy-duty commercial vehicle cleaner to remove stubborn road traffic film and grease deposits.
  • IT0030 SARCLEAN TFR a powerful cleaner designed to provide effective removal of road traffic film and grease deposits from all types of commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. Can also be used as an effective general hard surface cleaner for floors, walls etc.